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In-Depth Piping Consultations & Plumbing Designs

Detroit Piping Group Mechanical Contractors, Inc. offers piping consultations, budget reviews, and plumbing designs for clients in Livonia, Michigan. We are happy to listen to your needs and expectations before adjusting our service accordingly.

General Consulting Services

Piping and complex mechanical projects can be overwhelming. At DPG, we offer professional assistance to help you navigate every step of your project without uncertainty. Our consulting services are able to help you with:

  • Project Planning
  • Procuring Information
  • Team, Equipment & General
  • Project Coordination
  • Establishing Team Objectives
  • Establishing Project Requirements

Design & Build Services

DPG can do more than just installations and implementations. We also offer complete designs and building services based on your project's requirements. This means that we can handle your entire project from conception through to the final implementation.

Project Budgeting Services

Before a pipe is hung or machine turned on, detailed planning and budgeting need to take place. DPG can help you establish preliminary mechanical project budgets based on your organizational needs, available funds, and the desired installation life cycle.

Decommissioning Services

Leave it to DPG to take care of all aspects of the decommissioning process from the cessation of operations through to complete removal. Our decommissioning capabilities include:

  • Mechanical Cut and Cap
  • Equipment Disposition
  • Equipment Valuation
  • Auctioning Assistance

Contact us to learn more about what goes into our extensive piping consultations.