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Commercial, Industrial, Water, Waste Water Piping 

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Piping Services
Our commercial plumbing and piping
encompasses a great deal of related services.
No matter what your business or industry,
there are likely numerous services that we
can complete for you at a fair, honest rate.

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Consultations & Designs
The early stages of a project can be the
most challenging. That's why Detroit Piping
Group Mechanical Contractors, Inc. offers 
budgeting and design services. We even
take care of decommissioning if needed.

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Since 2006, we have had the privilege of
providing industrial piping solutions to countless corporations throughout Michigan.
Contact us today to learn more about how we complete your work to meet your specifications and budget.

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Based in Livonia, Michigan, Detroit Piping Group Mechanical Contractors, Inc. handles several commercial piping and industrial piping solutions. Our team of experienced professionals can handle every stage of your project from planning through the final installation. We're known by our customers for our personal approach, attention to detail, and for being punctual within budget. DPG adheres to all MIOSHA and OSHA regulations, as well as modules of the MUST program. We conduct monthly safety audits at all of our job sites, and have a customized safety policy to govern the work practices of all DPG employees. Since opening in 2006, our priority has been to protect people and property during each project's successful completion.

Learn More about Detroit Piping Group Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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